My kitten keeps farting & she stinks help

Such soft moon face


i’m a delicate little fairy please do not raise your voice or say mean things to me bc i will burst into tears


Despite all my rage I am still holding cats on a page

Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Sice Rowbottom (The Boo Radleys), Louise Wener (Sleeper) and Damon Albarn (Blur) in a promotional shot from the 1994 BBC programme Britpop Now

Want 2 die

174, 171, 167, 164, 160, 154, 148, 147, 145, 112

Do you have any siblings?: yes I have four.

Do you play an instrument?: guitar and bass

I believe in

Fate: not sure really.
Heaven: no
Soulmates: I’m not sure, I believe you can think someone is your soul mate but it’s just emotion.

Hugs or kisses?: kisses
Summer or winter?: winter
Autumn or Spring?: autumn
Night or Day?: night

Here what I think about:
Facebook: I think it’s okay, it’s toxic but then again so is any social media. It’s good because I can talk to people I wouldn’t be able to as much but it is so so so boring. And it’s okay to talk to people you can’t see in person but people have started going out less to see friends who live close because they just use the internet as a substitute for social situations. I feel like it’s slowly making the younger generation less social.


The Cure

Favourite Movie: girl interrupted
Favourite Animal: really fluffy cats and King Charles spaniels
Favourite Book: boy in the striped pyjamas probably that book ruined me
Favourite Colour: baby pink or silver yes

185-200 xxx

My crush’s name is: I don’t have one!
I was born in: 1997
I am really: sleepy
My cellphone company is: acer, but it broke
My eye color is: green/blue
My shoe size is: 7
My ring size is: I have no idea
My height is: around 5’6
I am allergic to: nothing except large amounts of skin contact to dust and then I go all red and itchy it’s not pleasant
My 1st car was: I haven’t had a car yet
My 1st job was: I haven’t had a job yet
Last book you read: communist manifesto counts right
My bed is: a single bed with planets on it
My pet: hasn’t got a name but is adorable
My best friend: I don’t know anymore probably Ben still
My favorite shampoo is: any as long as it smells nice, like apples yes apples