Once u go blonde u never go back because it cost so much money to bleach yr hair 200 times


Björk photographed by Mark Borthwick.

I’m more motivated lately in losing weight, I’ve exercised for an hour every day for 3 days now which might not seem much but for me it is, I usually do it for one day and give up and I’m hoping I don’t give up because I want to lose weight. I’ve also been doing chin exercises I found on the internet to get rid of the extra fat on my chin which is what I hate most having a double chin :(((((

Photo by Kevin Cummins.


b-sides haha more like why wasnt this on the fucking album 

bauhaus rollneck knit • raf simons49,800 円

This is Kristen Pfaff. She played bass guitar with a band called Janitor Joe and then with a band called Hole. She died in 1994 of a heroin overdose.
This photograph is perfect in every way.